Design, supply, integration and technical support to systems in the Military Intelligence sector and its related services. In particular the Company acts as system integrator and prime contractor in the following sectors: Sigint, Cyber Security, Tempest Certified equipment, certification of COMSEC/CIS areas.


Representative of subsystems and complex systems
Design, development and integration of systems on board Shelters, Land, Air and Maritime units
Internal development of hardware and software (also on DSP/FPGS) to meet specific and personalized requirements Read more


Representative and reseller of products and specific software
Research and development of customized solutions
Training and consultancy services to government entities and companies via highly skilled and specialized personnel.
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Head Italia srl is one of the very few companies to which the “National Security Authority” has provided authorization to the sale of Tempest Certified products (Personal Computers, printers, monitors, etc) Level A, B and C NATO Certified and also for National Use.
Is able to supply, install and maintain Tempest Certified Equipment for the users with a need to handle classified informations*.
Modifies, certifies and measures existing equipment supplied by the customers.
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Head Italia provides full technical and administrative support to the procedures for the request, renewal and authorization of the National COMSEC Areas and the CIS Areas
Therefore, in respect of the procedures indicated in the applicable rules and regulations of the COMSEC and CIS centers, Head Italia srl provides the following services and/or materials:

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Head Italia S.r.l

About Us Head Italia was created in 1997; it sells and provides technical support under exclusive agreements of products and systems of the main foreign companies working in the Military Intelligence sector. It employs highly specialized personnel and uses high tech instrumentation, allowing to develop, integrate and install complex systems and personalized set-ups on board land air and naval platforms, as well as their maintenance and support.
By means of newly acquired professional figures, Head Italia also have now a leading role in the design, adaptation and certification of areas for compliance to security rules and regulations, as well as supplier of NATO SDIP 27 TEMPEST certified equipment. The company is specialized in the integration, sale, installation and technical support of equipment and systems for EW and SIGINT (COMINT and ELINT) applications.
Head Italia is able to supply “turn-key” solutions for the monitoring of the Radioelectric Spectrum


Our Main Customers

Products and Services

Head Italia supplies equipment, systems and services for the Intelligence in the Defense sector

  • Equipment and systems for monitoring of the radioelectric spectrum from HF to SHF
  • Rapid acquisition radio surveillance systems
  • Tactical and strategic systems for monitoring of land and satellite radio emissions
  • Direction Finder systems from HF to SHF
  • Omnidirectional and directional antennas
  • Systems for demodulation and processing of analog and digital systems
  • Multicouplers, matrices and converters
  • Personalized and specialized software applications
  • Cyber Security products and training
  • Design and supply of fixed, mobile and remotely controlled systems
  • COMSEC Design and adaptation
  • TEMPEST PC and equipment, Tempest and Zoning measures
  • Installation and technical support
  • In-country logistic support to foreign companies and suppliers

Companies represented

HEAD ITALIA S.r.l. is the exclusive distributor in Italy for the sale and technical support of the products of the following companies